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FurnXpert Utility App

Unlike other FurnXpert software, which are primarily simulation tools, FurnXpert Utility App consists of various calculation modules, that are essential for designing and sizing Industrial Furnaces. This is a simple to use software that can be used to calculate heat loss through refractory layers, compute pressure drops in piping network, perform furnace sizing and design combustion equipment or heating elements. This is also a handy tool to check results run by other FurnXpert Simulation Software. No more need for Handbooks, Calculators or Spreadsheets. Following are the list of functions available in the Utility App. Please Contact Us for the Evaluation version.

  • Heat Load Calculations for heating Metals, Liquids, Gases
  • Heat Load Calculations for trays/baskets/belts/piers
  • Heat Loss Calculations through Refractory Layers in multi surface furnaces
  • Furnace Heat Loss Calculations for Openings, Atmosphere, Water, Slots
  • Heating and Cooling Time of shapes of materials in various processes
  • Furnace Sizing for both Continuous and Batch Type Furnaces
  • Combustion Analysis / Electric Power Calculations
  • Stack Diameter Calculations
  • Fan Power Calculations
  • Pressure Drop in Pipe Networks and Across Orifices
  • Comes with DataBases of Gases, Liquids, Metals, Non-Metals, Refractories

More often than not you would find yourself searching for certain property data, want to do a quick unit conversion, perform combustion analysis, or need to do thermal/fluid flow calculations. We provide you with free Online furnace apps to do these thermal calculations, without having to use handbooks, calculators or excel spreadsheet. Please use the apps to solve your immediate furnace analysis/design/sizing needs. Your feedback is very important to us. So, we would appreciate if you could let us know how to make this page more useful by contacting us. Check our new Mobile Apps.

HT Coeff. - Cylindrical Surface HT Coeff. - Spherical Surface HT Coeff - Flat Surface
Heating Time - Solid Body Heating Temp - Solid Body Fuel Data Calculation
Stack Diameter Calculation Fan Power Calculation View Factors

Mass Temperature
Viscosity Density Energy/Heat
Power/Heat Rate Specific Heat Thermal Conductivity
Volume Flow Rate  

Thermal Properties
Non-Metal Refractory
Liquid Gases Emissivity of Materials

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